A video clip that caught my attention

 Can I still eat this❓

The content of the video is about what food we can still eat . 40% of food in America gets sent to the landfill and dump down the drain each year which equals to 133 billion pounds of food .  We can reduce the food waste by still eating food sealed in cans or other shelf stable that has gone past its expiry date as food sealed in cans or other shelf stable can stay safe for years , eating food that looks a little gross for instance a banana which skin that has turned brown and what type food we mustn't eat when there is mould growing on it ex. fruits, vegetables, cooked leftovers. They also have explanations for both why the banana skin turns brown  and why we mustn't eat some type of food with mould growing on it

3 things I learned from the video

  1.  Food sealed in cans or other shelf stable can stay safe for years 
  2. Expiration dates have nothing to do with food poisoning 
  3. In hard cheeses with mould, I just need to cut out 1 inch chunk of the cheese around it 


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